As we’re writing this blog post, it has been a really windy day in Colorado Springs! The leaves are blowing off the trees left and right, and fall is definitely making its presence known here in our city. We don’t know about you—but Hiner Landscapes really enjoys the fall season, and we really believe any way to capitalize on these brief months before winter hits is extra important.

Recently, we talked about LED lighting and how it can be a really great thing to add into your landscape during the darker months—and we hope that we made some thought provoking points. Today, we’d love to talk briefly about another really important thing to consider in your landscaping: a fire pit.

We have some really key reasons we think fire pits are such a great addition to your backyard —especially in the fall.

One reason to note is that a fire pit is really handy to have for social gatherings. Who doesn’t love to circle up around a fire and reminisce? And you don’t have to go camping to get that warm, nostalgic feeling—you can have it your own backyard. Fire pits can offer a source of welcome and warmth—from cold hands to that delicious hot dog you want to enjoy.

A fire pit also helps people gather together to circle around and enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather is like. In the fall, the days get shorter and cooler—but a great fire pit counteracts that by adding warmth and light to your backyard space so that you can enjoy yourself outdoors longer than you otherwise would.

A fire pit can also be a beautiful design statement. If you’re picturing an ugly hole in the ground or a boring iron square, then we’d love to show you what we can do with fire pits. We can make aesthetically pleasing fire pits for any kind of area—large or small, round or square. We can build it into the surrounding landscape so you hardly realize they’re there, or we can bring it out as a fun feature that really makes your outdoors space pop. There are some amazing creative opportunities here!

So if the idea of a fun, festive fire pit sparks your interest (no pun intended), we’d love to help you think through your options. Contact Hiner Today if you have any question. We’re always more than happy to help.

In the meantime, enjoy those beautiful Colorado fall colors!


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