Hiner Landscapes can give you a stunning, state of the art Pondless Waterfall or Disappearing Waterfall in your backyard that benefits you aesthetically, physically, and mentally. We simply construct your waterfall so that it circulates water again and again—no pond attached—making it hassle free for you and your family to enjoy.

We won’t break your budget or talk you into something you don’t have the time to keep up. We can work within your needs and tailor a water feature that is absolutely perfect for you and your family.

Imagine coming home to the beauty and serenity of water every day in your yard, but knowing that it’s relatively easy to keep up that beauty and not worry too much about cleaning out a pond or feeding fish. While ponds are great, we also understand that ponds are just not for everyone.

A waterfall is such a great, simple option for your landscaping desires. And why? Waterfalls are one of the most favored water features you can install in your yard, and they aren’t as complicated as you might think. Waterfalls can be a simple installation, yet they will have a profound impact on your home environment.

Waterfalls are beautiful to the eye and will create a stunning visual art piece for your yard no matter what. You will have endless moments to enjoy the beauty, and your waterfall will become an oasis for your home—as well as a great conversation starter for visitors.

The sound of continuous running water has even been demonstrated to have a soothing impact on the human mind, and the sound of running water can be very relaxing.  Having the sound of water on your property can actually drown out neighborhood commotion like droning traffic, kids shouting, or barking dogs. That calming sound of water instead of the outside world can bring you mental and physical health.

The general serenity of a water feature can relax you and help you experience and appreciate beauty—even in your busy modern life. This is why flowing water has always been a staple in gardens across the world throughout history; the health benefits are universal.

So what if you could bring the calmness you feel hiking by a waterfall into your living environment? You can! And the greatest part is this: You don’t have to go as elaborate as a pond in order to bring a water element into your landscape. While ponds do take more work and upkeep, a simple waterfall feature can also add just as much beauty and relaxation to your outdoor space.

Let Hiner Landscapes help you create that peaceful sanctuary in your yard today.

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